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Flying Fish Point Slipway is the answer to all of your maritime needs.
Our professional staff offer a full suite of services, providing mariner servicing, project management, yacht asset management, logistics, procurement, and consultation. Flying Fish Point Slipway offers an unrivalled connection to essential services and trades in Australia, and is located in the tranquil region of Far North Queensland, in Innisfail.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a solution to your maritime needs in the South East Asia region, please peruse the website of associated company, Yacht Services Thailand.

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In 2004, current owner Duane Cash became a partner in Flying Fish Point Slipway with Syndicate Enterprise, though in 2016, bought them out, and now controls it alongside his father, Ted, the General Manager.

After the successes of Mick Cotter’s ventures in South East Asia with his company, Yacht Services Thailand, Duane and Mick have decided to revamp the slipway and use it as the base of their joint business venture, Yacht Services Australasia.

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Our huge selection of yachts and locations allow you to have precisely the type of sailing experience you wish

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